Store Brand Authorization

Zenarmor Partner - MackTechBiz 

We are delighted to officially announce that MackTechBiz is an authorized partner of Zenarmor in the Philippines' market. This partnership reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality cybersecurity solutions to businesses and individuals in the region.

MackTechBiz is authorized to promote, sell, and provide support for Zenarmor products and services within the Philippines. This authorization encompasses the entire range of Zenarmor cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that MackTechBiz can offer comprehensive protection to its clients.

Zenarmor Partner - MackTechBiz

Zenarmor is an all-software Next Generation Firewall developed by Sunny Valley Networks that provides enhanced network security anywhere and anytime you have network access, with a focus on advanced technology & agility and a target customer base of multi-branch enterprises.

Zenarmor on OPNsense provides a Next Generation Firewall built upon a field-proven open-source platform with thousands of users worldwide.

If you would like to explore the great capabilities that Zenarmor has to offer, you can simply sign-up and start your Zenarmor® Business Edition 15-day trial, with no credit cards required.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us at and ask for assistance getting your free trial setup and started today. We’d love to hear from you!